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Her Dark Corner©

She cradled herself
In her dark corner.
Naked and wet from the rain.
Bruised and cut
The knife still wet
From her blood.
Her cuts are deep
And her bruises were wide
And all she could think about
Was how she wanted to die.
Alone in the darkness
That kept creeping onto her.
She kept asking herself
Why she couldn’t die.
Over and over
She told herself
That no one loved her
That no one cared.
She slammed her fist
Hard against the ground.
Till he came.
He grabbed her wrist
Soaked in blood.
He picked her up and pushed her
Up against the wall.
He told her
That they loved her
That they cared.
She looked behind him
And there they stood
Eyes filled with pity and love
It was too late for her though.
Now she knew
Before she died
That she was not alone
And not unloved by none . . .

Let me know what you think :)

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