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To the Darkness©

Up the stairs she ran
To the Darkness that called her.
Slipping and falling
All over the stairs.
5 Her tears cascading everywhere
Flooding the ground beneath her.
Her cuts have not healed
And her blood has turned the water red.
She sees the darkness and runs faster to it.
10 She stops at the top
And stares at him.
He looks at her with pity
And she holds on to his knees.
She begs and cries for him
15 To come with her.
He lifts her up
And wipes away her tears.
Brother and sister,
Who love each other so much,
20 One falls into darkness
The other into light.
She watches as he leaves.
The water retracting for him.
The love of her life leaves her alone.
25 Her cuts have not yet healed
So she lies on the ground to die
In the dark corner of his once dark room.
A shadow looms over her
It is him.
30 He says he loves her
But as she once was
Not as she is now.
He cradles her while she dies
And her heart
35 Once broken healed
Letting her die
Happy and loved . . .

Let me know what you think :)

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