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Happy Friday the 13th©

Witches and ghost
Flying high through the sky.
The cracks in ground were saying
The darkness she loved
Was her only friend.
The cliffs were near
And her time was at an end.
Today she knew
Was the day
She could die.
Friday the 13th
Has come.
She wanted to leave
This would behind.
As she walked
She heard him call her name.
And she looked at him.
She waved
As she fled from him.
She stopped at the chasm
And looked deep below her.
She turned and stared
Into his loving eyes.
She took a step backward
And him a step forward.
Don’t jump he said
As she said
I love you he said
And she shook her head.
Happy Friday the 13th
Was what she said
As she blew him a kiss
And stepped off the cliff.

Let me know what you think :)

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