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Lives Entwined©

The pain was unbearable
The torture
She cried in anguish
And pulled at her hair.
The fire’s heat
Scorched her.
The tearing
Cut her.
Their lives were
In pain life and death.
Then she felt him
Hug her
As she watched her only friends
Being burned and torn.
The books were her life
Entwined as one.
Her escape to
Another world.
The tares cut
Into her skin
And the fire
Caused her anguish.
He held her
As she died
In pain and agony.
He told her he was sorry
For not helping her.
Tears streamed across her cheeks
As she watched her friends
Turn to ash and fade away.
Death came for her
And he held her till it left.
She let her blood
Flow everywhere.
She smiled weakly at him
And kissed him
His tears washed over her.
And as she died she thought
At least
One love
One world within a world
Did not die.


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