Monday Night TV (15 Nov. 2010)

Monday’s @ 8 PM EST on the CW

What the hell has happened with this show? I mean I get it fine you want Adriana to be a superstar but really? How often does that happen? This show used to be a bit more realistic. I mean what has happened to al the teenage angst that was in it. Oh and Liam’s half-brother, yeah he has to go. I find that the way he talks so very annoying and he strikes me like a character more dark than Liam, like there is this hidden evil within him. I find everything about him annoying. Simple to say, I can’t believe I missed House for last night.

Monday’s @ 9PM EST on the CW

Now Gossip Girl I liked. True I hate the actress they’ve got to play Jenny, and I hate the character too, I mean i read the books and she is nothing like that. It’s like both the writer and actress destroyed her. I would be happy if I never saw her again.

I have to admit I liked what they did to Serena. That girl gets away with everything and now no longer, I mean really what you can’t choose between two guys then don’t. When you see the pain you’re putting them through I mean really just be honest, say I can’t choose and it’s not fair to any of us this situation but no Serena wants to have to cake and eat it to. Oh well, no longer is she getting away with everything. On the Blair and Chuck Bass front, woe onto them. They make such a great couple and you can tell they love each other. I just hope they don’t start hating each other again, the episodes when they did that were quite simply ridiculous, I mean that treaty? OMG

Monday’s @ 9 PM EST on CBS

Two & a Men was hilarious! I could not stop laughing. I’m glad Alan is back with Lindsey and her ex-husband, h’es INSANE!!! Will that actor never get a non-frightening part? oh well, he’s good at it. This is a total must see sitcom. Watch it!

Mondays @ 10 PM EST on ABC

Last night’s episode of Castle was hilarious! Aliens! If you missed it you missed out on a good show. The whole episode revoled around the theory that an alien had killed the victim, or the government had. Kinda spooky I have to admit. Then he had to meet with his daugters boyfriends parents and act unlike himself, by which I mean an adult. The acting is supurb, the writing as well. A must see Television show. Thank god is was just a government consiparcy and not aliens. That would have just been weird 😛

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