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True Sexiest Men Alive

Okay so People magazine has their annual cover of sexiest men alive and there is no disagreeing that Ryan Renolds is smoking but right here I am about to give a list of men who shold have been on the covers. 
Ian Summerhalder
–From Boone on Lost to Damon on Vampire Diaries, Ian Summerhold has great eyes that will no doubt take your breath away. His looks are to die for! His arms are lean, his pecks are amazing. There is no denying that this guy is one sexy man.

Ralph Finnes
–Why he hasn’t gotten an award yet I’ll never know. If you’ve seen Maid in Manhattan or Red Dragon, you have to admit that when this man isn’t all pale and snake as Lord Voldemort. His body is lean and toned and his smile is simply so charming it’s like “wow!”. He is one dashing man.
 Richard Gear
–Come on, do I really need to spell it out! How can youeven deny this! You had to have seen Officer & a Gentleman. After that how could he not be one of the most sexiest men alive! Even with grey hair that makes him look more refined and not old in the least, he looks like he hasn’t aged a day. This man shoudl have ben on the cover, um why wasn’t he? i mean come one George Cloony twice! Really? I have to ask!!!
Jerry O’Connel
–Really? I mean come one really, do I even need to waste my breath on this one. His har is georgous, his smile is to die for, his eyes are like wow, he’s fit adn toned and just perfect!
Come on People why aren’t these four men on the covers at all? I need to ask. 

Let me know what you think :)

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