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Tuesday Night TV (16 Nov. 2010)

Tuesdays @ 8PM EST on FOX
Glee as always was amazing! It made me laugh non-stop. Gwyneth Paltrow’s guest star appearance was spectacular. If you missed it well you missed out! As Holly Holiday she and Schuster really seemed to have made a connection, kinda sucks that it was just a guest star appearance cause I think that she would make a great addiction to the cast. And their mash-up of the classic Singing in the Rain and Rianna’s Umbrella was amazing! I really hope she guest stars again. I can’t wait to see what Glee writers have got up their sleeves next.

Tesdays @ 9PM EST on FOX
On of the best new comedies this fall. This family is hilarious and when on Tuesdays episode, oh my god this family could not catch a break! Just when things seemed to be right, they suddenly went horribly wrong! To say the least, their all a bunch of sex offenders not, all except the day. Oh but don’t get the wrong idea, just a bunch of misunderstanding. You know I think the writers were mocking the law lol. You will love this show!

Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on CW
Great night. The new character Sam is a great addition to the cast. He’s dark and screwed up just like Luxe but in a different way. whatever the writers have going on, I just hope it’s good. Kate is screwed up, Baze isn’t. Luxe keeps lying and lying when she doesn’t have to lie. I honestly think that she should just go and live with Baze because for some reason he seems to be better around her. Whenever she’s with or around her mom for to long, she turns out to be exactly like her mom, always lying and erratic. This does however create a good plot for the story line, drama and angst without being unrealistic. It’s a great show and I love it.

Tuesdays @ 10 PM EST on CBS
Amazing night!I have to say that my only complaint here is Alicia’s daughter. The actress, the character persona, I find her annoying. And the woman running as a candidate, everything about her is phony! You can tell, in the way she talks and acts. I honestly just try to tune her out. Other than those two characters, my it was a brilliant episode! Mr. Florrick got the church’s endorsement but it would seem that the church council isn’t happy with that because well in politics, things tend to come down to race and the female candidate it black, the church is mostly black, but the council doesn’t seem to happy that the priest was smart enough to endorse Florrick. Go figure, that’s politics for you. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. I just hope Alicia isn’t put in the middle again. She’s got enough to do being a lawyer. Trust me people, you will love this show.


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