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YouTube Police Brutality Video

WHAT THE HELL!!!  No I’m serious, what the freaking hell?  I mean I’m sitting here watching the news and when I see this video I am utterly enraged and disgusted.

According to the news it was Halloween in Miami so yeah maybe initially the people had been drunk and disorderly, maybe even a little violent and you know what I say that yes police officers have a right to use force to the extent to defend themselves and wrap the handcuffs around the person. If you’ve seen the video then you know that that is not what happened. The person that they were trying to apprehend was on his knees cowering, his arms were over his head in a gesture of defeat. The Police officers continued to use full force and continued to beat him up.

This entire thing is disgusting and shows abuse of power. Just because you enforce the law does not mean you are above it. I hope those officers get their badges taken away from them because clearly they don’t deserve to have them to begin with.

Let me know what you think :)

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