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Monday Night TV (22 Nov. 2010)

You know what I love about TV, when you watch one show most of the time & it goes on re-runs, there is most likely something on else on TV 🙂

Mondays @ 8 PM EST on NBC

So last night, instead of watching 90210 because it was a re-run, I watched Chuck. This is such a great show! Last nights episode was just wow. Chuck had been kidnapped & was trying to be brainwashed by none other than Father Debricasard (sorry um, look up Thorn Birds he’s the priest; I always tend to forget his real name). In any case, his girlfriend is going crazy trying to do everything & anything to get him back, even breaking protocols. Last nights episode kept me at the edge of my seat!

Mondays @ 9 PM EST on CBS

Courtney returns! Jenny McCarthy returns as Courtney, Charlies ex-girlfriend who was the supposed daughter of Teddy, Evelyn’s 5th dead husband. Courtney was just released from prison and wow, her and Charlie kinda get back together. Oh my, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Well if you watched it, it was already a disaster. But I gotta say, about time she was brought back Yay! Can’t wait to se whats next. 😛

Mondays @ 9 PM EST on FOX

Lie to Me* as always was such a brilliant episode. I can’t get enough of it. Tim Roth is a brilliant actor! This episode was touching as they tried to find an Angel of Death, a doctor or nurse that makes the decision on their own without anyone else’s input to end a life. What’s sad is that there are actually people out there that think they are helping these people. What about their Hippocratic oaths? This episode was brilliant and Lightman’s daughter was very upsetting in this episode, and I usually like her. Oh well, guess that’s teenagers for you.

Mondays @ 10 PM EST on CBS

WOOHOO! I GOT TO WATCH HAWAII FIVE-O LAST NIGHT! Sorry I was just super excited. I mean I love Castle and I’m really upset that they cancelled last nights episode for *puke face* skating with the Stars, I mean really? Come on! Anyway Daniel Dea Kim from Lost to Hawaii Five-O will forever be on the island. If you watched Lost then you know exactly what I am talking about. If not then go rent Lost! Right now! Back to my main point. What is it with super athletes using their abilities to steal stuff? Granted it’s pretty cool, but really, all those abilities and you’re gonna use them to steal? O-okay . . . . that sure is the best use right? *sarcasm*. Alex O’Laughlin was wow! Like seriously wow. I wonder if he did his own stunts. If so then wow, he’s awesome. If you watch this show daily, that’s pretty wicked. This show has a great cast, story plot & writers. I need a tivo box.

Let me know what you think :)

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