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Tuesday Night TV (23 Nov. Wed)

Tuesdays @ 8 PM EST on FOX

Another great episode of Glee, Sue made a great principle, kinda sad she’s stepping down Kurts dad, & Finn’s mom tied the knot and the wedding ceremony was hilariously touching and cheesy. Sue married herself and her mother was none other that Carroll Burnet. That woman is hilarious! Sadly though, Kurt is transferring. His bully (the so deep in the closet football player) who was expelled for like a day got his expelled status over turned. Kurt will still be on the show only now he will be competition. Sectionals next week, can’t wait to see it.

Tuesdays @ 9 PM EST on FOX

HILARIOUS! Oh my lord, if you aren’t watching this show you need you, no joke, this show is hilarious. Poor hope gets kidnapped by her serial killer mom’s parents. It’s insane! And hilarious. Oh my, my. Thanksgiving sitcoms are always hilarious.

Tuesdays @ 10 PM EST on CBS

The FBI is evil. Granted it’s their job to make the Defence attorneys job’s difficult when they are going against them but really, come on, be fair. Eli is being wire tapped. Oh no and Alicia over hears Matt’s addition of love over the tapes she’s listening to. But when she tries to go and ask him about it, he’s with his new girl friend. Oh boy. Oh and I hate Grandma Florrick, the racist woman needs to go . . . now! Just a thought. Next week is a re-run, so catch up on the episodes people. You will love this show, I promise. 🙂

Let me know what you think :)

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