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Truth of Words©

Frightened she shook
As his anger
Flew at her.
Lashing back at him
In anger
And fright.
Words were said
Of comfort and truth.
She meant when she said
She hated him
And loved him.
Eyes wide in shock
At the words
Escaping her mouth.
Always she thought
Those things of him.
But never did she want
Him to hear
Those words leave her mouth.
Every word she meant
As she screamed at him.
He stared at her
As she didn’t recant.
And in anger and shock
They both shook.
To herself
As she stared into
His eyes.
She would always try to hide
That she would always care.
Though her hatred grew
Every passing day
When she cried
And her anger flew.
She would fight
Her better judgment
And would care
Despite his
Internal fight.

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