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Monday Night TV (29 Nov. 2010)

Mondays @ 8PM EST on CW

Adriana needs to go. Or at the very least they need to cut all this celebrity crap, I mean seriously, come on. This used to at the very least be a tad bit realistic, it’s losing it, and not slowly. I do not think I will be watching next week episode, like my lord, really? In any case, the surrounding story lines were good, I would have enjoyed the episode better if it was just those. Teddy is gay, he’s admitting It to himself, finally, I mean I know that it must be hard, coming out and falling in love with some one, and 90210 is actually capturing that beautifully, Oscar needs to go though, like he sounds fake and he’s not even good looking or good at being bad. Liam is still wow, he’s sweet but brooding that actor has so much talent, it’s amazing (and no I’m not just saying that cause a super hottie). If you ignore the Adriana-Drama, which I admit will be hard, 90210 still has all of it’s integrity and angst that made it a good and realistic show. Please writers, cut the crap, I implore you.

Mondays @ 9PM EST on CW

Another fun night in Gossip Girl! Jenny needs to stay gone, permanently, both the writers and actress have destroyed the Jenny from the books and quite simply that actress looks like she’s anorexic which isn’t good at all. Juliet seemed to get away with everything, tsk tsk Blair and Dan are going to have to fix that. Chuck needs a break from Blair because he’s that in love with her. How sweet is that! Serena chose Dan, Vanessa is going home, she’s kinda screwed because little J told her dad everything. Pretty much everything bad that happened was brilliant cause they all deserved it! Now how often does that happen? Ah TV, what would we do without you. Love Gossip Girl and if you’re a girl, I’m sure you’ll like it too 😉 Enjoy!

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