TRON: Legacy

Great Movie! Music was awesome (courtesy of Daft Punk). Acting was brilliant! Cinematography was astounding! And the story line an plot where brilliantly written. The special effects were just awesome! This was a great movie that I want to see again! I didn’t see it in 3D and as I watched this, with all the special effects and the light effects I kinda though t … Continue reading TRON: Legacy

The Van Alen Legacy (A Blue Bloods Novel)

This book was a real gut wrencher. I started reading it and then again I finished it within in a day, I could not believe everything that was happening. I can’t wait to see how Melissa de the Cruz pans this series out and I can’t wait to read Bloody Valentine a Blue Bloods spin off surrounding Bliss. This series is literally one to sink … Continue reading The Van Alen Legacy (A Blue Bloods Novel)

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

BREATHTAKING! This movie contains all the charm and warmth that was present in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe that Prince Caspian lacked. The cinematography was beautiful, the special effects were spectacular and the acting was simply brilliant! The character of Eustace was portrayed exactly as he was in the novel and Edmund and Lucy have simply grown as actors. This movie was as … Continue reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


Loved this movie! This new take on the classic Fairy Tale Rapunzel was a masterpiece! The story was classically told and wonderfully written, the characters were brilliantly played. The music scored was touching and brilliant. Rapunzel is kept in a tower, because her “mother” keeps her there to keep the secret of her beautiful and magic hair secret. Rapunzel though wants to go out and … Continue reading Tangled