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Month: December 2010

Words Said©

Scared she shook Her fingers tingling Her heart racing Her big brown eyes Rimmed in tears. His anger Frightened her Made her look Beside herself. Made her buried anger Flare. She lashed back at him Her words like knives. Stabbing … Continue Reading Words Said©


A single girl sat upon her wide sill And watched as they grey colored Zephyr’s come Upon bidding of their own self will Bringing with them holy grey cold bits from The South, the cold wet raging deadly winds Of … Continue Reading Zephyr©

Lunar Eclipse

I hope everyone got a chance to check out and watch the Lunar Eclipse. I was having a hard time trying to stay awake but working on my mom’s present helped keep me awake. 😛 This is the first time … Continue Reading Lunar Eclipse

Black Wings©

It came ever so quickly and swiftly As a summers warm cooling calm strong breeze And took the cold dying soul so quickly To let the body die away and freeze. Hooded in gloom deep eternal darkness; The darkness shrouded … Continue Reading Black Wings©

Lost Love©

She stood by the pillar By the Fountain That was filled With crystal blue water of life. On the marble floor So white and so pure She looked around for some sign. As she waited and waited . . . … Continue Reading Lost Love©


She was a slut A Whore A cold-hearted bitch No one cared about her As they talked behind Her back. Condoms littered Her dirty bed around her. And glass lay broken everywhere She made herself sick Whenever she looked At … Continue Reading Sluts©

Dark Lily©

It wilted in the rays Of the sun. And it grew a bloomed In the darkness of night. Upon a rocky mountain It swayed. It’s dark black petals Falling beneath its roots. Down, down to the ground They sunk Till … Continue Reading Dark Lily©