Day: 01/12/2010

Fight for a Friend©

On the sidelines She stood. Watching Waiting . . . For the final blow The one that She Had once loved Would die When it came. Her friend Her ex Readied his fist. The blow came Like a whirlwind Of hate He dropped to the ground And blood spilled Onto it While forming a Puddle of blood Around his face. A single tear Fell down her face And she forced herself To look away From his mangled body. Her ex had won. []

Tuesday Night TV (30 Nov. 2010)

Another awesome night! Xanata is such a *beep*. She’s just jealous I think. Rachael though should not have tried to make Finn feel the way she felt. That was just stupid. I mean I get it ya know but if you are in such a loving relationship, never ever try or jeopardize such a wonderful relationship you have, especially if it’s with someone who loves you. Although Puck is not that bad of a guy I admit. Rachael can be such an []