New Comic Book Day (1 DEC 2010)

BATWOMAN #0 This issue right here sets the precipice for the new ongoing series that begin February 2011. Kate Cain is an army brat and if you read Batman Detective Elegy you know all about her and her past. Here in this issue Batman (Bruce) is trying to determine the identity of the Batwoman, taking in her fighting styles and the way she acts. He … Continue reading New Comic Book Day (1 DEC 2010)



Loved this movie! This new take on the classic Fairy Tale Rapunzel was a masterpiece! The story was classically told and wonderfully written, the characters were brilliantly played. The music scored was touching and brilliant. Rapunzel is kept in a tower, because her “mother” keeps her there to keep the secret of her beautiful and magic hair secret. Rapunzel though wants to go out and … Continue reading Tangled