Day: 16/12/2010


She was a slut A Whore A cold-hearted bitch No one cared about her As they talked behind Her back. Condoms littered Her dirty bed around her. And glass lay broken everywhere She made herself sick Whenever she looked At her reflection. Sick to her cold core She wanted to die. And leave everything behind. Half dead she laid As her cuts were deep And all around her. Naked she laid Fading away To the darkness No one cared . . . []

Wednesday Night TV (15 Dec. 2010)

I never get tired of watching this show. It is hilarious! Last nights episode, Pete’s (Jerry O’Connell} dad, Ted, has decided to come on over for a visit. His dad is a child though, acts like he’s 16 going on 17, while he is the adult. It reminded me a lot of my relationship with my mom LOL. In nay case his dad was arrested fro gran theft larceny. It was hilarious. And everybody loves loves loves his dad, while he’s the []