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She was a slut
A Whore
A cold-hearted bitch
No one cared about her
As they talked behind
Her back.

Condoms littered
Her dirty bed around her.
And glass lay broken everywhere

She made herself sick
Whenever she looked
At her reflection.
Sick to her cold core
She wanted to die.
And leave everything behind.

Half dead she laid
As her cuts were deep
And all around her.

Naked she laid
Fading away
To the darkness
No one cared . . .

The door creaked open
And she heard the footsteps
Recognized the patterns
Of who they were.
People came in
And circled around her
They stared down at her
No pity . . .
No empathy . . .
No sympathy . . .
Showed in their eyes.

Alone she would die
As she lived alone
In life
Soon darkness came
And washed over her
Dark soul.

Let me know what you think :)

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