Month: December 2010


She was a slut A Whore A cold-hearted bitch No one cared about her As they talked behind Her back. Condoms littered Her dirty bed around her. And glass lay broken everywhere She made herself sick Whenever she looked At her reflection. Sick to her cold core She wanted to die. And leave everything behind. Half dead she laid As her cuts were deep And all around her. Naked she laid Fading away To the darkness No one cared . . . []

Wednesday Night TV (15 Dec. 2010)

I never get tired of watching this show. It is hilarious! Last nights episode, Pete’s (Jerry O’Connell} dad, Ted, has decided to come on over for a visit. His dad is a child though, acts like he’s 16 going on 17, while he is the adult. It reminded me a lot of my relationship with my mom LOL. In nay case his dad was arrested fro gran theft larceny. It was hilarious. And everybody loves loves loves his dad, while he’s the []

Dark Lily©

It wilted in the rays Of the sun. And it grew a bloomed In the darkness of night. Upon a rocky mountain It swayed. It’s dark black petals Falling beneath its roots. Down, down to the ground They sunk Till they hit The earth below. Alone stood a girl Shielded by darkness Only she saw The petals fall. She gathered them and looked up. The flower was dead No longer blooming In the glow of the moon. The girl tucked The petals []

Tuesday Night TV (14 Dec. 2010)

Okay, so I’ve been to of the loop this season. I’m usually watching Glee at this time. But luckily there was a re-run of Glee so I was able to catch the newest episode. The guy that they are protecting is obviously in the navy but his reason for being moved around a lot is not so much that he doesn’t get along with people, he does, it’s just, he’s the son of two psychologist and well, he’s right on when he []

Revelations (A Blue Bloods Novel)

Book Three OMG! This book was better than the last, I could not put it down! Despite myself I read this book in a day. I tried to put it down to do other things but I simply could not! This book was suspenseful and heart wrenching. I CANNOT wait to read The Van Alen Legacy next. Available wherever books are sold.    

Revelation of Time©

In front of the mirror She stood No longer did she Cover it up In disgust And dislike her reflection. She stared at the eyes Once vile and black Now as she stood And looked The eyes that held her gaze Were kind and a gentle brown. No longer dead Like her soul Where once was darkness Now stood Some light. She stared at the reflection Still not fully believing It herself But yet when she moved So did it. She smiled []

Masquerade (A Blue Bloods Novel)

Book 2 Rivetting, thrilling, absolutely tantalizing. Melissa de la Cruz knows how to weave out a story that will keep you entangled throughout. I think I can safely say that Melissa de la Crus certainly used the glom on us. I cannot wait to see how this series goes. Available wherever books are sold.                          

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

BREATHTAKING! This movie contains all the charm and warmth that was present in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe that Prince Caspian lacked. The cinematography was beautiful, the special effects were spectacular and the acting was simply brilliant! The character of Eustace was portrayed exactly as he was in the novel and Edmund and Lucy have simply grown as actors. This movie was as good as the first and makes me want to see it over and over again.

Crystal Lake©

The moon shined brightly Upon the crystal lake She looked upon the dock Where once a boy stood Before he fell down And drowned The camp council Had done nothing And now they laid dead By the mother. This one survivor Awaited her fate She stood and stared At the masked person Ahead of her The now grown yet dead body Of the boy Stood with a knife And stared at her Daring her to run She took a step backwards Expecting []

The Gates

Vampires, Succubi, Witch’s Oh My! So I just found out that a summer show was cancelled. OMG! This show was so good, I would ush home on sundays to watch it. It had a great story line, I loved how they brought more into it than just wolves and vamps. It was a great show. So mad anyway: Plot   Nick Monohan and his family move from Chicago to a quiet, upscale planned community called The Gates, where he will be Chief []