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Month: December 2010

Crystal Lake©

The moon shined brightly Upon the crystal lake She looked upon the dock Where once a boy stood Before he fell down And drowned The camp council Had done nothing And now they laid dead By the mother. This one … Continue Reading Crystal Lake©


The blood covered the floor And the ash Covered the walls One girl stood In the midst Of all the anger In the midst Of all the blood shed. She picked up a doll And wiped away the blood. Once … Continue Reading On-Slaught©

Love Struck©

She sat in the dark Waiting for The red light To spark. She looked at the pain Laid at her feet The tears of anger Of hurt Of despair She looked up At the coming steps He knelt down And … Continue Reading Love Struck©

Nutmeg High?

So I’m watching the news last and this totally caught me off guard. I mean, I should take it seriously, but I really can’t because, come on, it’s nutmeg, it’s a spice! Apparently, nutmeg is being used as a drug … Continue Reading Nutmeg High?

Comic Reviews & Updates

I like to read comics, it’s my thing, lol. Anyway, I’ve decided to put this up, at least once a week, a little note and review about what is going on in the world of comics. Enjoy.


She stood there Watching time Go by. The person That her heart ached for Stood there with His new love. They hugged and kissed Before she left. He watched As she left, But his eyes stood upon her. She slunk … Continue Reading Forsaken©