Month: December 2010

Thursday Night TV (9 Dec. 2010)

Hello there a Vampire Diaries lovers! Well I hop anyway. I hope I’m getting to you all lol. Anyway it was another great night in the world of Vampire Diaries. This show is so full of greatness. The script, the screenplays, their take on the adaptation, the acting and special effects. There really isn’t anything that I hate out this show. I mean I hate characters obviously, but that’s why writers create bad characters, to be hated, and the actors do a []

Nightmare on Elm Street©

Here is a poem I wrote one day just because I had the movie on my mind. Kinda pissed that they remade this movie. DRIP DRIP From the Broken pipes In the basemen The steam from the coals Burned her DRIP DRIP The dripping echoed Through and through She walked . . . Sharp noises clanged She spun around COME OUT COME OUT She knew who was there. He was here Watching . . . Waiting . . . DRIP DRIP Came []

Wednesday Night TV ( 8 Dec. 2010)

Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell are such great actors. This courtroom drama show takes place in Vegas of all places and at times seems like a comedy but it’s not, things get very serious. Jerry O’Connell is defending a kid who was running an errand for his grandfather who was filing off the serial numbers on his guns which is a crime. He almost let his grandson go to prison for 60 years, which is the minimum for this type of crime. []


The blood covered the floor And the ash Covered the walls One girl stood In the midst Of all the anger In the midst Of all the blood shed. She picked up a doll And wiped away the blood. Once her childhood Now her future Where light once stood And innocence lived Was now filled With darkness And cruelty. The bodies of those Who had tried to change her Laid broken and mangled She looked around At the sound Of a groan. []

Tuesday Night TV (7 Dec. 2010)

Rachael really needs to back off Finn, she made a mistake that really hurt him, just because he loves you doesn’t mean he has to forgive you, because when he slept with Xantana, they were broken up and she was seeing someone else. So there, he has no obligation to forgive her right away. Rachael just needs to give him his space, she needs to learn to be a little less selfish. Sue’s heart grew three sizes that day, she was the []

Love Struck©

She sat in the dark Waiting for The red light To spark. She looked at the pain Laid at her feet The tears of anger Of hurt Of despair She looked up At the coming steps He knelt down And cupped her chin . . . Her anger fled away And he kissed her tenderly Her tears washed away And a smiled came upon her face He helped her up And she stared into His warm brown eyes The red light came []

Nutmeg High?

So I’m watching the news last and this totally caught me off guard. I mean, I should take it seriously, but I really can’t because, come on, it’s nutmeg, it’s a spice! Apparently, nutmeg is being used as a drug to get high, and it’s actually quite dangerous. It causes vomiting, tears at the lining in your stomach and liver. It causes hallucinations that last 48+ hours. And a one time use can kill you. There have already been two reported deaths []

Monday Night TV (6 Dec. 2010)

FINALLY!!!ON SO MANY FREAKING LEVELS. Adriana was acting like such a prima-donna, I mean really, you aren’t even a celebrity in your own right, show some humility. But no she didn’t so she got screwed!!!! BY non other than her manager Victor who ousted her. I know he was a jerk at first and a total creep but come on, he’s your manager, ou stole his nephews songs, deal with it or not, show some freaking humility and at the very least []

New Comic Book Day (1 DEC 2010)

BATWOMAN #0 This issue right here sets the precipice for the new ongoing series that begin February 2011. Kate Cain is an army brat and if you read Batman Detective Elegy you know all about her and her past. Here in this issue Batman (Bruce) is trying to determine the identity of the Batwoman, taking in her fighting styles and the way she acts. He takes in her gear and history. She was an army brat, her mother and twin sister murdered []

Comic Reviews & Updates

I like to read comics, it’s my thing, lol. Anyway, I’ve decided to put this up, at least once a week, a little note and review about what is going on in the world of comics. Enjoy.