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Month: January 2011

Week 4 2011

Justice Leage: Generation Lost #18 Part 18 Old Friends Good issue. I love how the artwork on Power Girl keeps improving, she looks far more proportional, thank heavens. The character herself is far less annoying than she used to be. … Continue Reading Week 4 2011

Tainted Past©

She knew who Lay behind the door It could only be him The one she loved. He wouldn’t take her So he was all alone. Glass fell Upon the floor Broken bottle lay Everywhere No one noticed All the glass … Continue Reading Tainted Past©

Scarlet Sins©

All she ever wanted Was for her past To go away. Scarlet were her sins And getting darker still No matter How hard she tried They would never Turn white. Sins labeled everywhere All over her Unclean body They would … Continue Reading Scarlet Sins©

Wondering Why©

All she did Was stare And wonder Why she loved him. What a silly question She told herself She knew why She would always know why And smiled at her Childishness. She loved him Because he loved her Because he … Continue Reading Wondering Why©

Week 3 2011

Batman #706 Eye of the Beholder Part 3 – Speak No Evil Good issue. Dick isn”r really being all that careful right now. He let Enigma and Riddler get the slip on him. Enigma being Riddler’s daughter who Damien totally … Continue Reading Week 3 2011

No Words©

She watched him As he skated by. He would stop She knew He loved her Like she loved him And there he did it He stopped And looked at her. He had stopped And stood waiting For her. A brief … Continue Reading No Words©