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Week 7 2011 Pt. 3

Star Wars : Knight Errant #5 

Aflame Part 5 (of 5)

Great ending here.  I thoroughly loved it.  The artwork was still a little rough but it was good.  And the story was awesome.  I loved it so much I ma going to buy the book Knight Errant which continues to follow Lord Damien and Kerra.  Her character has a lot of depth and considering how angry she is and how much hatred she has she does not succumb to the dark side, but what’s interesting is the possibility that she could.  I hope this isn’t the end of the comic I want to see more.

SCRIPT :  J.  J.  Miller

PENCILLLER : I.  Rodriguez

INKER : I.  Rodriguez

COLORS : M.  Atiyeh


Legion of Super-Heroes #9

One Last Durlan

Once again I found this story line unbearable boring.  I can’t stand it.  I keep giving this comic one last freaking chance but I just don’t think I can do it anymore.  It sucks because I love the Legion but the story line does not capture my interest at all.  Officially I am going to see how this story line pans out, I hoping for improvement but I will not get my hopes up.  Levitz is not doing good here and I’m disappointed.  I just, I find this story boring.

WRITER : P.  Levitz

ARTISTS : Y.  Cinar & W.  Faucher

Teen Titans #91

After School Special

Damien is hilarious.  Beast Boy is still so in love with Raven.  They need to get back together.  Anyway it seems Damien & Ravenger have become friends.  Those two have a lot in common.  Anyway while those two are getting along, and fighting off infected students everyone else is dealing with a huge black hole within the school and the evil gets away with a kid.  How did they miss that.  Also, Superboy, aka Conner broke up with Cassie, aka Wonder Girl!  YAY!  Sorry I can’t stand Cassie and she strokes me more as a Lana to Clark where as Lori strikes me as a Lois to Clark, get my meaning.  Anyway, YAY! GONNA BUY THE NEXT ISSUE!

WRITER : J.  T.  Krul


INKERS : D.  Hazelwood & S.  Koblish

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