Week 11 2011 Pt. 2

Red Robin #21

The Rabbit Hole Part 3 : Sinsanity

Wow, um yeah, these guys are totally insane.  They are the Madmen, Blue Beetle #2’s enemies.  Apparently these guys are like totally geniuses, or they used to be until they were captured by Darkside’s scientist and turned into live serves connected directly to the Ünternet.  Which means that they can literally pull whatever they need or want from their warped and twisted bodies.  They can also influence people to deal with their own sins.  Eepsters!  It’s sort of twisted and wrong.  Anyway, the only way to shut them up (they talk incessantly) is to hit them with a cities worth of volts.  Yeah, Red Robin causes Gotham to go into a black out.  And he shut down the Ünternet.  Foreseeable problem, looks like the original Anarky is about to cause some anarchy.  Oh boy.

WRITER : F.  Nicieza


INKER : R.  McCarthy

Ultimate Spider-Man #154

Death of Spider-Man : Prelude

I love Peter.  Okay so I know that I never write anything for Marvel, mainly cause I don’t read much of Marvel and I was pissed that they sold out to Disney.  It’s just wrong.  But when I saw Death of Spider-Man, I almost had a heart attack.  I mean seriously, this is Superman’s Marvel equal.  They both “fly”, both work in the newspaper, both goofs I mean you would never think that either are the superheroes that they are and they both were the first of each comic.  Superman was the first DC creation and Spider-Man was the first Marvel creation.  No lie.  So when I see this I was just blown away.  So I have to buy it.  And woe onto my wallet for that.  Better be worth it.

Okay so hopefully everyone knows about the Peter Parker/MJ reboot.  According to Marvel sources, the reason that they rebooted them is because they said that the marriage wasn’t working, and it doesn’t, I mean I reminds me of Lana & Clark, high school sweethearts totally in love, but they are high school sweet hearts!  But now, they are just putting them back together, what was the point of the reboot then.  I mean I like MJ I do, I also like Lana but that doesn’t mean they belong.  Gwen Stacy is like Lois, she loves the guy admires the hero whereas Lana loves the hero and simply admires the guy.  It just doesn’t fit.  According to Marvel themselves it didn’t work, hence the reboot, so then why are you putting them back together?  I don’t know man, kind of boggles the mind.  Anyway, it was a good issue, ya know Peter is superhero training with Ironman so it was cool, and I liked and if Spider-Man really dies, I think I’m gonna cry.

WRITER : B.  M.  Bendis

ARTISTS : S.  Pichelli, D.  Lafuente & E.  Casagrande

COLORIST : J.  Ponsor

Ultimate Spider-Man #155

Death of Spider-Man : Prelude

So yeah, um, MJ & Peter Parker do not belong together, I mean, well you read above so there really isn’t any reason for me to talk any more about it.  I stated my opinion, I’ll reiterate it along the line though, we all know I will.  Anyway good issue, Peter got fired from his job in the mall for not showing up after 2 days.  Poor him, and he runs into ex girlfriend Kitty Pryde, former X-Men who ran away from the Mutant fearing public.  She’s doing good I’m glad to say.  Also, J.  Jonah Jameson, publisher of the Daily Bugle.com, and former boss of Peter Parker, knows his identity!  Woah!  The man who hated Spider-Man now loves him because he respects the kid!  Oh my lord!  Who knew dude had a good side. So aside from the MJ/Peter hook-up I liked this issue, and enjoyed it.  Art work was okay, I mean it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t totally awesome, it was just okay.  Anyway next issue on sale 3/23/2011 & is titled “Death of Spider-Man?!”  Let the madness begin folks.

WRITER : B.  M.  Bendis

ARTIST  : C.  Samnee

COLORIST : J.  Ponsor


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