Day: 18/01/2012

Thursday Night TV [cont.] (17 Jan 2012)

Good episode.  I am upset that Klaus got his family back, I had wished that he hadn’t, but luckily he didn’t get that one coffin out.  I know that Elena and Stefan are suppose to end up together but I want her to have a little time with Damon.  Caroline’s dad is not that bad I like that he is helping.  Oh and on another note…..FINALLY!!!! ELIJAH RETURNS!!!!! Thank you Damon, oh how I adore you.  Episode was good but the ending []

Tuesday Night TV (17 Jan 2012)

Seriously, is Adrianna going to hook up with every member of the cast??  I just need to know.  Granted her character as had some growth but seriously, I mean come on, with every member of the cast?  Also I know that Vanessa is the one that hit him, but at least she stayed with him and took care of him and didn’t just abandon him to die.  And Annie, well she does not deserve him.  She’s a whore, I’m just going to []

Week 2 2012 Pt. 2

Week 2 2012 Pt. 2 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Legion Lost #5 Under Pressure Great issue.  I have to say that I am worried about the direction this comic is going.  Wildfire is awesome, I love him and I love how much he cares about Dawn Star, she is also very cool, but her attitude is different than it used to me, it’s more dark, she has more of an attitude problem which bothers me.  All in all though, a decent []