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Thursday Night TV [cont.] (17 Jan 2012)

Thursdays @ 8PM EST on CW

Good episode.  I am upset that Klaus got his family back, I had wished that he hadn’t, but luckily he didn’t get that one coffin out.  I know that Elena and Stefan are suppose to end up together but I want her to have a little time with Damon.  Caroline’s dad is not that bad I like that he is helping.  Oh and on another note…..FINALLY!!!! ELIJAH RETURNS!!!!! Thank you Damon, oh how I adore you.  Episode was good but the ending was awesome.  Thursdays @ 8PM EST on CW.

Thursdays @ 9PM EST on CW

Acting has been slowly improving.  For that I am glad.  I enjoyed watched this episode, the writing has developed more also.  I will give the show props for that, it has slowly been improving.  On that note, I mean there isn’t much more to say.  Development of the show has been going in the right direction, so far it’s a big difference from the first episode.  Thursdays @ 9PM EST on CW.

Let me know what you think :)

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