Monday Night TV [cont.] (23 Jan 2012)

Mondays @ 8PM EST on CW

This was a fun episode.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am however still sick and tired of the back and forth writing of Chuck and Blair.  Bleh, so tired of it.  Like I said last week: OVERKILL!  Ugh so annoyed.  Anyway, I would like to applaud the nice story telling of the episode.  I liked the turn of Beatrice as well as the overall plot line (minor exception being B + C *puke face*).  We got to have a little more insight and we got to see that Serena loves Dan, or at the very least still has feelings for him.  I like this show, a lot, and it feels like it’s returning to the original concept of the book, character and relationship wise anyway Smile with tongue out, books are still WAY more realistic.  Mondays @ 8PM EST on CW.

Mondays @ 9PM EST on CW

This was another fun episode!  Very pleased with this night on CW.  It was a fun night!  I liked this episode more than the Gossip Girl episode.  I like the development in Lemon, I usually don’t like her but ever since we discovered more about her mother we get to find out more about her and why she is the way she is.It gives her character more depth.  I also like the growth in Zoe.  She has changed a lot from the first episode.  This is a great show, campy but still fun and great to watch.  It has a lot of character and depth.  Mondays @ 9PM EST on CW.

Let me know what you think :)

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