Day: 28/01/2012

Friday Night TV (27 Jan 2012)

Good episode.  Had a sad ending though but it was still a good episode.  I love this show, I can follow it pretty well as well.  I love how they explain all the science in the show, they make it plausible.  Good acting, good writing, good plot line.  I have no complaints in this respect.  However, much I want to recommend this show to everyone, you won’t understand it it unless you watch from the very beginning.  I recommend renting it and []

Underworld: Awakening

Lacking in comparison.  The story was so underdeveloped.  I mean it was so short and it moved from one scene to another.  She finds out she has a daughter too soon, she sees her too soon.  Everything just went to fast.  It lacked so much in such comparison to the previous three.  The acting was good, I won’t deny that, but over all, this movie was not good enough to be shown and priced in 3D.  Eh, I still liked it but []