Tuesday Night TV (31 Jan 2012)

Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on CW

The beginning was sort of confusing.  I love Andrew though.  Sarah Michelle Gellar is still a great actress.  I still find a lot of things confusing.  Like what is the deal with Siobhan?  I really like Bridget, as a person she is way better than her sister.  I have to give props to Sarah Michelle Gellar, to be able to play a dual roles is simply brilliant.  I mean she’s playing herself and her twin sister, two people with two different personalities, Bridget who is humble and cares about other people and Siobhan who is selfish and cares only for herself.  The whole structure and style of the show is just very well done.  Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on CW.

Tuesdays @ 8PM EST on CW

Good episode.  I actually feel bad for Adrianna.  I mean I really feel bad for her.  I liked how we got to see another side of Greg.  Not a totally different side but a more protective side.  I really like Vanessa, I hope she lasts a long while on this show and especially with Liam.  I also miss Max, he brought out more depth in Naomi’s character, and the reference to him in this episode gave me hope that we will be seeing him again.  One can hope.  Tuesdays @ 8PM EST on CW.

Tuesdays @ 930PM EST on FOX

This show is hilarious.  I loved the acing and the story line.  It was a hilarious story line.  All of them having gambling problems , it was great.  I also loved how the writers connected the show to “My Name is Earl”, that was brilliant.  It’s what I love about this show.  All the little snippets that you would not know otherwise.  It’s brilliant.  Great acting as well as great directing and writing.  Tuesdays @ 930PM EST on FOX.

Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on FOX

I wonder what problem Julia has with Jess.  I don’t like her.  I feel bad for Nick, and you know what he can do better than some girl who is unclear of her intentions.  I don’t know, she has an attitude problem, I don’t like her.  But I love everything else about this show.  It is very well done, and I love Jess, she’s such a unique character.  I did like the resolution at the end of the episode, it wasn’t cheesy, well it was a bit but over all it was decent and made me laugh.  Also Nick is such a troll, it’s brilliant.  Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on FOX.

Thursdays @ 8PM EST on FOX

Lame way to start a show.  It felt fake, so very fake.  I don’t like Sebastian and well, so many things I could not take seriously about this episode.  Santana has a great voice, I just wanted to say that and I like how this episode centered on it for Michael Jackson’s “I’m Bad”.  Go Artie by the way with his statement and I was so freaking thrilled to see Mike Chang not only rock those moves but also those vocals!  It was awesome.  I also like the talk Rachael had with Quinn.  Quinn was being realistic, and she didn’t coddle Rachael which was awesome.  Good episode, some of the moments though I could not take seriously however.  It just seems so frilly sometimes.  I still enjoy watched this show though and I like the subjects it touches upon.  Thursdays @ 8PM EST on FOX.

Let me know what you think :)

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