Day: 04/02/2012

Friday Night TV [cont.] (3 Feb 2012)

Really good episode.  I really enjoyed it.  Also Bolivia from Earth-4 (yeah I’m going with that) is way better than Earth-2, I actually like her…a little bit.  Anyway I like the writing structure for this show, I admit, you won’t really enjoy it unless you’ve seen the previous seasons.  I totally recommend this show, trust me, I do, but I recommend even more watching the previous season.  The writing is good, the storylines, scientifically are plausible and the acting and chemistry are []

Friday Night TV (3 Feb 2012)

I love the wolf in this show, he’s my favorite character, aside from the Grimm, they make a good team together.  This was a very good episode.  I liked the concept of the villains, these creatures which were like a cross between a Vulcher and a Vampire.  It was pretty awesome, I have to admit.  I also loved how they combined it with the story of Hansel and Gretel.  Hanson and Gracie, pretty ingenious I think, and I’m not even being sarcastic.  []