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Day: February 9, 2012

Rêves de jour©

Pour tous les rêves de jour Qui remplissent mon coeur Vous apparaissez. Ce beau sourire Ca me fait Je t’aime. Ne peut pas prendre mon esprit off you Vous êtes l’homme que j’aime vraiment. J’ai même si j’ai perdu vous … Continue Reading Rêves de jour©

[NEWS] SE7EN: “T.O.P has so much aegyo”

Originally posted on YGNATICS:
Singer Se7en who recently released a new song produced by J.Y Park sat down to conduct an interview with SBS TV‘s ‘Midnight TV Entertainment‘. On the episode that aired on February 8th, Se7en, who has made…

[NEWS] YG discusses about Big Bang’s comeback

Originally posted on YGNATICS:
2011 was without a doubt one of the worst years for YG Entertainment, a company that houses some of K-Pop’s most recognizable names. From Daesung’s car accident to the controversy surrounding G-Dragon’s alleged use of marijuana,…

[UPDATED][PHOTOS] Big Bang at Gimpo Airport

Originally posted on YGNATICS:
Note: We are receiving word that there will be no pictures of Seungri. Apparently, Seungri was feeling ill and being carefully watched over by his manager, so the fans did not take any photos of him.…