Wednesday Night TV (8 Feb 2012)

Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC

So many “just wow” moments in this episode.  The dad in this show is just, hilarious.  Single dads, what are you going to with them.  Tessa’s (played by Jane Levy) narrative of the show is also written well and executed it brilliantly.  This was a hilarious and also pretty realistic.  This was hilarious.  There were a lot of funny moments in this show.  I also really like Dallas (played by Cheryl Hines) and I really want her and George (played by Jeremy Sisto) to end up together.  This is a great and funny show.  I love it so much.  Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC.

Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC

This was a hilarious episode.  I really love this show, I loved the acting.  I liked the concept in this show.  It was done very well, written very well and just all around funny.  I loved how Phil only over reacted when the guy made her laugh, that was the last straw for her?  Um okay.  Also I like how Luke told off this sisters by telling them that they were both bad sisters.  Totally loved it.  Tuesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC.

Tuesdays @ 930PM EST on ABC

My favorite thing about this episode was the fact that they told so many hundreds of people the true history and meaning of St. Valentine.  I loved it!  This was a great episode.  I loved it.  Dave is my favorite character of the whole show.  The writing was clever, the story line was hilarious.  I really enjoy watching this show.  Tuesdays @ 930PM EST on ABC.


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