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Thursday Night TV (9 Feb 2012)

Thursdays @ 930PM EST on NBC

Hilarious!  The episode was simply hilarious, I really loved it, although again I found myself asking the same question every week, where is the kid?  I’m just saying.  Anyway it was still a good episode, I really loved it and I thought it was also realistic.  I mean you are comparing this new couple to a married couple that has been together for years.  It was good, not written cheesy but rather in a good way.  Decent writing, great acting and great chemistry between all members of this cast.  This show has a great thing going on.  Thursdays @ 930PM EST on NBC.

Thursdays @ 9PM EST on NBC

I still can’t believe that Dwight got a promotion.  But that is what made it all the more funny.  It was a funny though, had me laughing.  I don’t see why people are so hard on this show just because Steve Carell left, it’s still funny, and Andy is a great boss, he’s still Andy, it’s not like they replaced Michael with a copy which never works, they replaced him with someone who was already situated as a character.  It was great episode, the writing is still solid and still full of a lot of humor.  Thursdays @ 9PM EST on NBC.

Let me know what you think :)

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