Day: 13/02/2012

Week 6 2012

Week 6 2012 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Batman & Robin #6 The Real Me Really good issue, I love Damien!  He’s a god kid, not gonna lie, I mean yeah he wants to get rid of villains but he wants to be good.  He is going to make a great Azreal one day.  Yup that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.  Good writing and story telling, I loved the powerful writing.  I love the character development as well, especially with []

Big Bang Filming their Music Video In New York (120212) [MV] [M/V]

Big Bang Filming there New Music Video in Brooklyn New York under a train station , It was cold out there so to keep themselves warm they did a lot of dancing . When they stopped to take break they went to there SUV , They waived at fans and Taeyang through me a salute at first then a piece sign before they left.