Thursday Night TV (16 Feb 2012)

Vampire Diaries

Thursdays @ 8PM EST on CW

Very good episode.  I have to say that I was disappointed by the turn of events, but I guess it had to happen considering that the villains of the story could not be killed yet.  Still, it was a very good episode.  I was upset with Elijah however, although I can understand why they would write it that way.  It was vey interesting and I did enjoy it a love.  I do love the development of this show and I love how Klaus has developed so much since our first encounter.  I must applaud the writers and Joseph Morgan for the way they have continued to bring more depth to the character of Klaus.  The ending though, I did not see that coming.  Alaric better be alive and she better not have really shot him.  So much love for this episode though, it was truly well written and structured.  Thursdays @ 8PM EST on CW.

The Secret Circle

Thursdays @ 9PM EST on CW

I have to say that I am not totally thrilled with how fast they are moving this show.  Granted I understand the reasoning behind it,  just don’t like it, leaves me wanting more and doesn’t make me want to tune in every week.  And yet I still do so that means they have to be doing something right, right?  Britt Robertson acting has improved a lot since Life Unexpected, even from the first episode of this show.  All in all though it has been developing well and I do like it, I just wish the writers would pace the show a little bit more.  Anyway this show is progressing decently enough which is why I’m still watching it.  Also it’s not just Britt Robertson’s acting that has improved, everyone’s has, for which I am very happy.  Thursdays @ 9PM EST on CW.

Let me know what you think :)

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