Awake: Special First Episode Preview

Premieres Thursday March 1 on NBC

This was a great first episode.  I loved it.  It was amazing and I loved the acting and the chemistry.  The story line itself was done brilliantly and it’s so unique.  Here you have Britten (played by Jason Isaacs) who has been in a car accident with his wife and son, one of them dies except we don’t know which because since the accident he has begun living in two realities, one where his son dies and his wife lives (the red reality) and the other where his wife dies and his son lives (the green reality).  What’s also interesting is he’s a cop and his cases, in both realities, start to cross over with one another.  It’s a really interesting show, the concept it pretty ingenious and cleverly written.  Don’t miss the series premiere on Thursday March 1 on NBC.


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