Day: 21/02/2012

Monday Night TV (20 Feb 2012)

Well we all knew that Castle and Beckett would survive that car crash, there wouldn’t be a show if they didn’t.  Anyway, this show is really beginning to lose it’s spark.  CIA?  Really?  That is just an overplayed cliché story line.  And a double agent, really?  So cliché.  This show is starting to lose it’s charm.  Kind of sad really, I think it’s because they just rushed it with the mystery behind her mothers death and Castle’s attraction/love to her.  Everything was []

Inkspell (Inkworld Trilogy: Book 2)

Very good book.  I can’t wait to see how they adapt it to a movie. Anyway I loved the plot line of this book, I love how Fengolio has power of his story by just his writing as well as how Meggie read herself into the book with Farid.  It was so cool!  This was such an awesome book.  Some parts though were too long, I mean that’s as good a term as any.  I mean don’t get me wrong it was []