Wednesday Night TV (22 Feb 2012)

Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC

Hilarious.  This was a good episode.  I liked the character development and chemistry within the show.  I really loved it.  This is a great show.  I love the chemistry between George and Dallas.  I can’t wait to see how it progresses.  Once again though I must commend the writing for the narration.  Now and days shows do awful jobs with them but with this show I really feel as though I’m in the head of a teenage girl.  Just saying.  Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC.

Modern Family
Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC

Wow.  See that’s why I love this show.  It touches upon real issues that go in real families, although I found it hilarious that Cam made a big fuss over some plastic and then really did hurt himself.  That was hilarious I mean who didn’t see that coming.  Anyway Claire also does not seem like she has it all put together.  She is like stress squared.  I did love how her and Gloria started bonding.  Now that was a step in the right direction.  Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on ABC.

Wednesdays @ 930PM EST on ABC

Good episode.  I mean, it wasn’t totally awesome, but it was fun.  I mean the writing, was, fun.  I know not a great way to describe the show but it was funny.  I think the chemistry between the actors is what makes this a funny show.  Because they don’t only read their lines, they interact with each other as they act.  The actors are the best part of this show cause I’ll be honest, the writing, it’s just okay.  Wednesdays @ 930PM EST on ABC.


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