Day: 27/02/2012

Rumour: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Releasing In July

By Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU) Following a mix-up, the Square Enix online store accidentally posted up a release date for the French version of Kingdom Heats 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Before it was changed by Square Enix to read “Summer 2012”, the release date was listed as the 27th of July. Summer 2012 of course translates to the July-August period, so the 27th of July could have been Square Enix’s intended release date. This could change now though, should Square Enix want to []

Are French Women the New Tiger Mothers?

By Piper Weiss, Shine Staff | Parenting Parents used to look to doctors for advice on raising kids. Now they look to other countries. The latest contender for the world’s best mom is from France. Author Pamela Druckerman’s new book, Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting, asserts that the Jerry Lewis-loving culture is better at raising children than Americans. Call her ‘Le Tigre Mom’, the French version of the ‘Tiger Mother.’ The latter refers to writer []

Week 8 2012 Pt. 1

Week 8 2012 Pt. 1 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Star Wars: Dark Time #4 (of 5) Out of the Wilderness Very good issue.  I really love the character development that is going on here.  It’s pretty great not gonna lie.  I also love the artwork as usual and I think that it’s great that they are using this time period.  Anything that has to do with Darth Vader.  Although he’s not present here…sadly.  Anyway this is a good comic and I []

Amazing Lego short film of 2011′s top games is a must-watch

Now that hit video game Minecraft is about to become a Lego set, what’s next for the growing world of Lego-game crossovers? Here are a few awesome possibilities, courtesy of stop-motion animator and Lego enthusiast Alex Cobbs, who created this incredibly cool short film to open a video game industry awards presentation held a few weeks ago. It just made its way online, and for that, we are thankful: Some 15 of 2011’s most successful video games get the Lego treatment in []