Day: 29/02/2012

Week 8 2012 Pt. 2

Week 8 2012 P.t 2 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL The Flash #6 Best Served Cold I am so glad that they eluded to the fact that Captain Cold did not have powers before.  Thank god!  I always love it when writers have common sense to explain things we would otherwise be constantly questioning.  Thank you writers.  Anyway this was a very good comic.  I’m glad that the fact that he’s not with Iris has properly been established.  And you know what, []

The Witcher 2 gets an Enhanced Edition and a confrontational new trailer Hero and villain face off in new Xbox preview

By Tom Goulter CD Projekt unveiled the Xbox 360’s Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2 last month with a standouttrailer and barrage of new features. That first clip took the unusual but engaging tactic of focusing on the game’s antagonist, Letho. But now that you’ve got your head around all the console adaptation’s enhancements, it’s time to be (re)introduced to The Witcher 2’s hero, Geralt of Rivia, caught in the middle of a gruffness-contest against the chrome-domed villain. As you’ll have noted []

Tuesday Night TV (28 Feb 20120)

Such a good episode!!  OMG!!! I loved all the bombs dropped in this episode.  The writing in this episode was just so amazing and great!  I loved it!  Anyway it was just brilliant.  I loved it so much.  I love this show and the more I watch it the more I dislike Siobhan.  She’s just a petty human being who only wants herself to be happy, no matter the consequences to anyone else.  I love Bridget and Andrew together and I think []