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Week 8 2012 Pt. 2

The Flash #6

Best Served Cold

I am so glad that they eluded to the fact that Captain Cold did not have powers before.  Thank god!  I always love it when writers have common sense to explain things we would otherwise be constantly questioning.  Thank you writers.  Anyway this was a very good comic.  I’m glad that the fact that he’s not with Iris has properly been established.  And you know what, I like Penny, she’s nice.  At least I think she’s named Penny.  It starts with a P.  (Sorry guys it’s midterms here at school and my brain is mush now…I think).  Anyway it was a good issue.  I love the art work, favorite part.  Great comic.  Second favorite next to Aquaman.



Green Lantern: New Guardians #6

Rage of Angels

I LOVE THIS COMIC!  I love the characters in this comic and you know what I love the fact that we have a star sapphire that is not dressed like a slut.  Yes!  I just love how Kyle is the reader and how you have all these character working together, characters that usually are not working together.  I love this comic.  I miss Bleeze though and I can’t wait to see her again.  The whole structure of the comic itself is amazing and these particular characters were written so well and I love how these are characters that we’ve seen before but only in the background.  I hate when other characters get over used.  Use others!  Create new ones!  This comic did just that.  Woohoo!



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