Day: 03/03/2012

MTVK Poll: The Evolution of BigBang Album Concepts [PHOTOS/MISC]

It’s the summer of 2006, and a group of five rowdy teenagers arrives on the K-pop scene, backed by Korea’s biggest mainstream hip hop label. Sporting cornrows, fitted caps, and utterly-colorful urban wear, they call themselves Big Bang, the supposed “revolution of idol.” Fast forward five crazy years. Making their long-awaited comeback with their fifth mini album, it’s hard to believe that the five members of Big Bang are the same rebellious rookies VIPs fell in love with way back when. From []

Big Bang "Big Show 2012" Abundant with 13 Tons of Rice Donated [NEWS]

The tons of rice sent by fans for the group Big Bang has made it an “abundant” harvest. To congratulate the day (of Big Show) the fans sent mounds of rice and briquettes. The countries that sent rice to Big Bang’s first of their world tour adds up to 67 and are mostly from Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Philippines, China and Japan. The collected rice measures almost 13 tons and were sent by 80 sites combined. There were a total of 2,500 briquettes, []

"LaurieAnn: "BigBang Has No Difference Compared to World Superstars." [NEWS]

“Big Bang has no wall in music to world super stars,” producer Laurieann Gibson says. Laurieann Gibson, main director for Big Bang’s world tour, said that the group “has no difference compared to world super stars.” At the press conference ahead of the first world tour ‘2012 Big Show Alive,’ Gibson spoke about working with Big Bang. The press conference was held on March 2, at 5pm in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium where Big Bang will open their world tour. “Although []

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City release date for PC revealed alongside new “Brutality” trailer Zombies take a real beating in bloody new video

By Henry Gilbert The upcoming alternate take on the classic zombie-slaying adventure Resident Evil 2 is fast approaching for consoles next month. But what about PC gamers interested in cooperative undead-killing/history-altering? Capcom today revealed the already announced PC version of Operation Raccoon City is hitting processors May 18. But we’re really burying the lead here, as the real point of interest is the bloody new trailer for the game. Watch all the ways you can brutalize the walking dead in the gory []


This was an okay movie.  I mean they had me going through the entire movie, it was such a thriller, I kept asking myself “what’s going to happen next?”  I was on the edge of my seat.  It was a good but the ending was a super disappointment.  I mean there was so much that could have happened.  There was so much build up and then the ending, the person who was the real criminal was just some nobody that we got []