Day: 05/03/2012

Monday Night TV (5 Mar 2012)

Very good episode.  I very much liked it a lot.  I liked all the conflict that was present in this episode.  I simply loved it.  It was captivating, wonderful.  The character development here is good, although it bothers me a bit, the direction in which they are taking Sally, I feel as though it is too extreme of a thing to jump into in the second season.  I mean that is just my opinion anyway.  Overall though I love the story as []

Shinhwa Picks BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, Teen Top, and Stellar as Favorite Groups [NEWS]

On March 5, Shinhwa held their first comeback press conference with all six members in attendance. They answered a lot of questions regarding their comeback in nearly four years, but the answer that attracted the most attention was about their favorite idol groups. When asked if they had any idol groups they’re keeping their eyes on, Eric answered, “In the past we really liked BIGBANG. But these days, we like Teen Top a lot. They remind us a lot about ourselves.” He []

Japanese Media Covers its Headlines with Big Bang’s World Tour [NEWS]

Recently, Japanese media has turned their attention toward Big Bang, covering their headlines with the group’s comeback. On March 5, some of the major newspaper agencies of Japan including, Daily Sports, Sports Hochi, Nikan Sports, Sankei Sports, Sports Nippon, and Tokyo Junichi Sports made a big deal out of 2012 Big Show/ Big Bang Alive Tour which was held at Gymnastics Arena in Seoul from March 2 to 4 and reported related articles in their recent paper. Especially, Daily Sports, Sankei Sports, []

Yoon Jong Shin wants to make music with G-Dragon [NEWS]

Singer Yoon Jong Shin expressed his desire to create music with Big Bang‘s musical genius, G-Dragon. In the recent recording of MBC‘s ‘Beautiful Concert‘, Yoon was asked which artist he would like to do a musical collaboration with. He replied, “I want to work with a younger hoobae. Preferably someone like G-Dragon“. He jokingly expressed his strong desire for this collaboration by saying, “If I can work with G-Dragon, I will become his musical slave“. In related news, Yoon Jong Shin is []

Yoo Jae Suk wants the same hairstyle as G-Dragon [NEWS]

Grasshopper MC Yoo Jae Suk has turned into G-Drasuk! Big Bang made a special guest appearance on the highly popular SBS program ‘Running Man‘ which aired on March 4th. As soon as each of the Big Bang members hopped out of the two helicopters, the cast of ‘Running Man’ members were in awe at their unique, but fashionable hairstyles. G-Dragon, in particular, had only grew one side of his hair and Yoo Jae Suk showed a great amount of interest and remarked, []

13 members of YG Family on Strong Heart Confirmed [NEWS]

13 members of YG Entertainment will be on SBS’s variety show “Strong Heart”, including Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, and Gummy. On the 5th, SBS confirmed to OSEN through a phone call saying “All of Big Bang and 2NE1’s members, along with Se7en, Tablo, Psy, and Gummy have been confirmed to feature on ‘Strong Heart‘.” They also said “As a YG Special, there will be many new and truthful stories and episodes that have happened within the company.“ Furthermore “‘Strong Heart-YG []

Sunday Night TV (4 Mar 2012)

This was a very cute episode.  I love how they described the origin of “Grumpy” aka “Dreamy”.  It was so adorable.  And Belle was there!  Yay!  In any case this was a cute episode.  And the character of the fairy was adorable as well, I loved her chemistry with Grumpy.  This was such a cute episode.  I loved it.  I also love the bonding between Grumpy and Snow White.  Brilliantly done!  Anyway it was a great episode and I really did love []

Microsoft unveils Panzer Dragoon creator’s latest: Crimson Dragon Screenshots and Kinect details for long-awaited Project Draco

Screenshots and Kinect details for long-awaited Project Draco VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL     by: Tom Goulter Microsoft has unveiled the title it’s been developing under the codename of Project Draco, and the reasons behind the game’s unabashed Panzer Dragoon similarities have become clear. Offering the title up to public scrutiny at an Xbox fan event in Akihabara over the weekend, the company revealed that the game, developed by Panzer creator Yukio Futatsugi, will be titled Crimson Dragon and will serve []

Big Bang Gains Favorable Image After Appearing on ‘Running Man’ [NEWS]

Although Big Bang was completely defeated by running man team members on SBS ‘Running Man’ they were able to gain favorable image and raise expectations for the second part aired next week. All Big Bang members were called out for SBS ‘Running Man’ aired on March 4. Daesung who has appeared in many variety shows suggested to do defense to understand the atmosphere. However T.O.P who is not familiar with variety shows kept following Daesung saying, “I don’t understand the rules,” showing []