Day: 09/03/2012

Capcom reveals new free-play Onimusha RPG

Words: Tom Goulter Capcom’s announced a new title in the Onimusha series, which hasn’t seen an update since 2006’s Dawn of Dreams. Fans of the demon-hacking series should be prepared for a few changes, though: the new title, Onimusha Soul, will be a strategy RPG with less fast-paced boss-fights and more number-crunching resource-allocation. Bound for browsers and mobile play, the game’s nevertheless being developed by Capcom itself rather than its casual subsidiary Beeline. Set to debut in Japan in June, Onimusha Soul []

Rumor: Next Xbox Will Not Include Disc Drive

by Beyhan Moustafa According to an article published by MCV, Microsoft has notifying partners that the upcoming Xbox console will not include a disc drive. The source for MCV has described the announcement having “the strictest NDA” they have ever witnessed – but it clearly wasn’t that strict. It has been said that the replacement for the disc drive will be a solid state card. This would then make the Xbox 720, as some believe it will be called, a digital-based console. []

Gawker says Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” is “The Real Perfect New Pop Song” [NEWS]

Some here at Gawker argue that Canadian Power Puff Girl Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ is the new perfect pop song. While I have listened to that song twelve times in a row today, I have to disagree: ‘Bad Boy,’ by K-pop boy group Big Bang, is even more perfect. It’s so perfect it transcends language. ‘Bad Boy,’ the second music video from Big Bang’s new album Alive has the group twirling around underneath the JMZ subway tracks in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, []

G-Dragon: I would Only Hurt Others If I Kept Hiding [NEWS]

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon talks about what he feels about Big Bang’s comeback on Alive Big Bang. On 9th March 2012, SBS broadcast a one hour comeback special “Big Bang Comeback Show – Alive Big Bang” and through the broadcast, G-Dragon expressed his feelings regarding the comeback for the first time. He said, “(After the incident) I can’t keep hiding. Because this would bring hurt to many others, I can’t do so.” G-Dragon future explains, “Rather than saying hundreds and thousands of []

What Is the Difference Between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation Male Idols? [NEWS/MISC.]

Recently as Tony An from H.O.T. joined a relatively new and young idol group Smash as a member, there has been growing interest in first generation male idols. Male idol culture started back in the late 1990s and is now in its third generation. Today, we are looking at the differences among first, second, and third generation male idols. ◇ First generation: Masculine Charm  First generation male idols appealed their masculine charm. The longest running idol group Shinhwa showcased powerful and charismatic []

Watch Your Back, Bieber: The Boy Band Is Making a Comeback [NEWS]

“The boys are back!” the Internet cried this week, reinstating the relevance of all-male pop groups. Women have had a strong run dominating the Top 40 pop charts, no doubt, but thanks to some international imports, we may be about to hear a lot more harmonizing than we have in the last few years. In what looks like the second coming of Westlife and Boyzone, two bands in particular have been leading a boy-band comeback and dominating the discussion: The Wanted and []

Consumers weary over star-focused marketing wars between clothing brands [NEWS]

As criticism on marketing using K-pop singers targeting teenagers has mounted, North Face scrapped plans to air a TV commercial featuring Big Bang, which signed a contract to promote the company’s spring/summer promotion. “We will focus on advertisements emphasizing our functional, technical aspects instead of those featuring popular stars,” a North Face spokeswoman said. NOTE: Big Bang is still under contract with North Face and still expected to be modeling for their spring/summer 2012 looks. This just means that there will not []

Daesung: “I Couldn’t Meet Eyes with Fans” [NEWS]

During the SBS “Big Bang Comeback Show – Alive Big Bang” that was broadcast on 9 March, Big Bang’s G-Dragon has expressed that “In this new mini album we’ve included a solo song by Daesung. We know that Daesung can’t sing a medium tempo song and also he wouldn’t be able to meet eyes with fans hence we really felt distressed.” Daesung state “I still feel really sorry towards my fans. When we first made our comeback on stage during YG Family []

Big Bang & 2NE1′s Activities in Japan Anticipated to Bring Record Profits [NEWS]

Big Bang & 2NE1 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL 2NE1 will release its first studio album in Japan on March 28. After releasing its debut single in Japan last September, the group will be increasing its activities in the country. Big Bang, which has already amassed a large fan base in Japan, will also be releasing its album with 2NE1 on the same day. Additionally, Big Bang will carry on its tour in Japan in five cities after kicking off its world []

Big Bang’s G-Dragon vs. Haha on ‘Running Man’ [NEWS]

GD VS. Running Man VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL (Warning: This article may contain spoilers) Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Haha are gearing up for a fierce competition. The second episode of Big Bang special will air on March 11 through SBS’s Running Man. The group members and the show members were divided into two teams, an attack team and a defensive team. Each team has a bell on each other’s shoes. In the March 4 episode of the show, the show members []