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Thursday Night TV (8 Mar 2012)

Up All Night
Thursdays @ 930PM EST on NBC

Hilarious.  Ava knows the mans world, which I thought was hilarious and Regan’s new couple friends, yup, their exactly the same!  Which explains why they might not get along…ever…most of the time.  But it was really funny though and I liked it a lot.  This show, I really like it but I still have problems that they are not incorporating the child as much as they should be.  It’s my biggest problem with the show because I love the writing for the most part and I love the acting and the chemistry in the show.  I adore this show.  Thursdays @ 930PM EST on NBC.

The Office
Thursdays @ 9PM EST on NBC

I can’t believe Dwight got a promotion…and I love that Jim attacked him.  Yay!! I think that we have been waiting for this since forever.  Also so happy that Todd Packer is gone!!!  But Erin can’t leave!  She is suppose to end up with Andy, but I get that was the whole purpose of her leaving and then staying, so that he would realize that he loved her and that they are suppose to be together.  In any case, I love this show.  LOVE IT!!!  Thursdays @ 9PM EST on NBC.

Thursdays @ 10PM EST on NBC

The actress in this show, the one who plays the mom.  I mean I get it, she lost her son but really, I don’t find her acting believable and I feel as though she has no chemistry with Jason Isaacs.  I’m being a little unfair, on her own, in her own scenes I can believe her but when she’s with her “husband” I don’t know, I feel a lack of a connection there.  Over all though, I really do like this show and I like the concept behind this show a lot.  It’s unique and written so well.  Oh and also, Jason Isaacs’ is amazing.  Thursdays @ 10PM EST on NBC.

Let me know what you think :)

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