Day: 10/03/2012

Movie Director Byun Yong-Ju Mentions Big Bang in her Recent Interview [NEWS]

Movie director, Byun Yong-Ju’s recent interview on the hardship she went through when producing her new movie : “I always idolize someone. I can enjoy the whole day because of Yoo Don No’s line on Saturday (referring to Infinite challenge’s Yoo Jae Suk, Jun Hyun Dong & No Hong Chul line). When I can’s find the investment for my new movie, I could still be happy if G- Dragon released his solo album. When Big Bang released their new songs a few []

Pixie Lott Expresses Excitement over Big Bang’s GD & T.O.P Collaboration [NEWS]

A few days ago we reported on Big Bang’s GD & T.O.P’s collaboration with British singer and songwriter Pixie Lott. Pixie Lott reportedly heard about GD & T.O.P by watching their music video via Youtube and then asked YG Entertainment for a collaboration with them. GD & T.O.P will be featured on Pixie Lott’s track “Dancing on My Own” from the Japanese edition of her debut album “Young Foolish Happy.” The song was written by Lott herself with Toby Gad and Marty. []

Violinist Eugene Park’s love call to Lee Hyori and G-Dragon [NEWS]

37 years old violinist Eugene Park has shown his love for K-POP. He chose Lee Hyori and Big Bang’s G-Dragon when asked for the most desired singer he wants to perform with. “I love charismatic and sexy women” he stated the reason for choosing Lee Hyori He showed his faith in G-Dragon by saying “Don’t all Korean love GD?” “I want to look neat and tidy like him” he further confessed “GD is one of a kind entertainer that rare to find []

How Far Along Is Big Bang From Entering The Mainstream Media? [NEWS]

Big Bang’s recent movement is unusual. In other words the media all around the world is unusual towards Big Bang. YG Entertainment announced earlier that Big Bang’s comeback will be YG’s biggest promotion ever, and all six songs from the mini-album will be title songs. Their confidence is now being revealed through the results. With the announcement of their world tour with Live Nation and renowned tour director, Laurieann Gibson, is now receiving media coverage all over the world. Big Bang first []

Top idols to perform and walk the runway for ‘K-Collection in Seoul’ [NEWS]

Top stars like Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, IU, MBLAQ, INFINITE, T-ara, miss A, SECRET, Nine Muses, and many more will be walking the runway as well as performing for the ‘K-Collection In Seoul‘! Scheduled to be held on March 11th at the Olympic Park Gymnasium, ‘K-Collection In Seoul’ has prepared an amazing line up of idol group performers for their show. In addition, 15 idol members will be walking the runway and showcasing various fashion styles for the launch of Korea’s first []

DarkFeed: ‘Will Halo 4 Overshadow Assassin’s Creed 3?’

by Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU) Welcome back to another episode of DarkFeed, the weekly show that gives you all the big news in the gaming industry, but in a bite sized portion. You walk away from the table feeling full, but not stuffed to the point of vomiting. The perfect amount of video game nutrition. After all, it does the body good… kind of. My, what a week. There were plenty of bombs dropped so it’s going to take a while to get []

71: Into the Fire

This was a beautiful movie and so tragic as well.  Here you have a group of 71 Student Soldiers, kids half of them, defending this school against North Korean forces that threaten to over take South Korea.  This was a true story movie that I have been meaning to watch for a very long time.  T.O.P was magnificent, watching him in this movie made my heart ache.  He starts out as this scared kid but then his character develops into this strong []

Lightning’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Arrives Mid-May

by Darryl Kaye Square Enix has just announced that Lightning’s downloadable content episode will be arriving in just a few months time. It will be called “Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess” and will detail more of Lightning’s experience throughout Final Fantasy XIII-2. As with Sazh’s DLC, which released a short time ago, it’s expected that Lightning’s DLC will run con-current to the existing story, showing what she got up to while Noel and Serah were dashing through time. Square Enix wouldn’t []