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How Far Along Is Big Bang From Entering The Mainstream Media? [NEWS]


Big Bang’s recent movement is unusual. In other words the media all around the world is unusual towards Big Bang.

YG Entertainment announced earlier that Big Bang’s comeback will be YG’s biggest promotion ever, and all six songs from the mini-album will be title songs. Their confidence is now being revealed through the results. With the announcement of their world tour with Live Nation and renowned tour director, Laurieann Gibson, is now receiving media coverage all over the world.

Big Bang first received coverage being featured on the homepage of the through a post “South Korea’s Greatest Export: How K-Pop’s Rocking the World” on March 7. The article mentions the success of the group as well as the effect of K-Pop explosion on Korea’s economy.

After two days passed the group is covered once again in TIME with the title “Watch Your Back, Bieber: The Boy Band Is Making a Comeback”. The group is mentioned as one of the groups that are expected to dominate the charts this year.

Most recent coverage is from Gawker news magazine/blog with the title “The Real Perfect New Pop Song Is This K-Pop Hit, ‘Bad Boy’”. The author of the article mentions potential for K-Pop to conquer America now that hip hop mogul Swizz Beatz has signed a collaboration deal with one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies.

Big Bang’s music video “Fantastic Baby” has also received a grand introduction by being highlighted on Letras, one of the biggest Brazilian music websites.

K-Pop artists that are known for their perfect in-sync choreography is not what you see in Big Bang. Their music is known to be hip hop. Also it’s rare for a band’s entire member to be in perfect harmony even while maintaining their distinct personalities. This unique character and band’s individuality, which is rarely seen in K-Pop, can be said to be the reason of the groups’ success in America.

Recently the group achieved a feat by entering the Billboard Top 200 at 150 with their fifth mini-album ‘Alive’, with a non-English language album, which is an acknowledgement of their music talents. It seems it’s not that far away for Americans to be humming the tunes of K-Pop in their daily lives for not only K-Pop mania but for Americans in general.

SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and a boy group has joined the list of K-Pop groups who are trying to advance into the America market. It will be interesting to see which K-Pop artist will be the first to make a lasting impression in America.

Source: kpopstarz via bigbangforlife@tumblr and bb4life

NOTE: While 2NE1 (also from YG Ent.) has made notice that they are going to try and debut in the United States, there is no notice/news from YG at all about Big Bang trying to come to/debut in the United States. Only the World Tour is known about right now, and as of yet, there still are no official dates/locations released for that. The article seems to be hinting that they are now part of the driving force that is introducing K-Pop to U.S. shores.

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