Day: 11/03/2012

Big Bang Transforms into a Hamburger in Group Selca [NEWS]

Big Bang members were caught playing the hamburger game? Taeyang just tweeted “First airing celebration hamburger” and posted the above pictures. Big Bang members are building a ‘hamburger’ with their bodies at what looks like a SBS‘ Inkigayo dressing room. Seungri unfortunately got stuck at the bottom of the stack and looked a little(?) in pain. In comparison, Taeyang had a huge smile as he took his place on top. The netizens commented things like, “Happy Taeyang and Seungri in pain“, “Even []

Big Bang makes a hot comeback with 3 tracks on ‘Inkigayo’ and takes home the Mutizen! [NEWS/VIDEOS]

Inkigayo Performances 🙂 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL The five talented boys of Big Bang are back and better than ever with their latest album release titled ‘Alive‘! Earlier yesterday on March 9th, Big Bang put on three steaming performances for “Blue“, “Bad Boy“, and “Fantastic Baby” for their SBS special, the same three songs of which were performed on today’s episode of SBS ‘Inkigayo‘. With some amazing stage decoration and setup for today, the boys were definitely ready to give it []

Big Bang’s Taeyang Surprises IU for White Day? [NEWS/VIDEO]

Inkigayo VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL It’s a well known fact that IU‘s been a fan of Big Bang‘s Taeyang since… forever. Today must’ve been her lucky day, as the darling idol received a heartfelt hug from her favorite star right on stage! Big Bang joined ‘Inkigayo‘ MCs IU, Nicole, and Hara to talk about their comeback. For their interview, the three girls chose to ask fan questions to create a memorable interview. One of those questions, sent by a fan named []

Big Bang talks about the inspiration behind their hairstyles (120311) [NEWS]

Big Bang VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Big Bang‘s appearance on the March 11th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ was nothing short of spectacular, ranging from their epic performances to Taeyang’s sudden hug for IU. The interview segment in particular was hilarious, as each member discussed their inspiration for the wild hairstyles. G-Dragon, whose unbalanced hairstyle was at the center of much attention, replied that he drew his inspiration from seaweed. Dancing king Taeyang answered that he got his inspiration from a radish. []