Day: 12/03/2012

Explore the ‘ big bang, ‘ on the ‘ 1 ‘ is a popular topic super-special stage ‘, ‘ Yo se 4

Big Bang VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL The Group’s popular big bang ‘ comeback ‘ stage in more than ever. Last November, was aired on SBS ‘ popular ‘ mini album comeback for big bang this House 5 appearances, intro, starting with the ‘ blue ‘, ‘ bad boy ‘, ‘ fantastic four ‘, and so the total stage colorful babies. Bang Bang ‘ alive ‘ SBS since it appeared on stage the music directly to their songs was the first to []

Weeks 8 & 9 2012

Weeks 8 & 9 2012 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Red Lanterns #7 Rebel Yell Good issue, I hope that this comic does not get cancelled.  In any case I love Bleeze but I think she’s going a bit to far in her rampage against Atrocitius, however that makes who a good story though and great conflict.  Love it. WRITER: P. MILLIGAN PENCILLER: E. BENES & D. BERNARD JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #7 Breakdown Red Rocket better not be dead or else this []

Sunday Night TV (11 Mar 2012)

Very good episode, about damn time that they got around to the story of red riding hood though.  I swear, I love this show and I love how they combine all of the things!  I mean her boyfriend was Peter, you know as in Peter and the wolf?  I know so cool right!  Sadly though he died because well, Little Red Riding Hood was the real werewolf.  That was sad but such a twist that I did not see coming.  I love []

Soribada organizes a special event to promote Big Bang’s ‘Alive’ album [NEWS]

Soribada has collaborated with YGE to help the promotion of Big Bang’s new mini album. Starting from 23rd of February to 23rd of this March, there are buses with the pictures of Big Bang for Soribada running in Seoul. The first event that Soribada held is the ‘album event’. When you download ‘Big Bang 5th Mini Album’ from the website, then you can automatically enter the event. 10 lucky fans will be able to get a signed album from this event. The []

Seungri Does Not Like T.O.P’s Mint Green Hair? [NEWS]

Seungri’s Interview 2012 Big Show VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Seungri gave negative feedback about T.O.P’s hairstyle change. On the 9th broadcast of SBS ‘Big Bang Alive’, interview of Big Bang taken during ‘2012 Big Bang Alive Tour’ concert was broadcasted. On this day when the interviewer asked Seungri “Everyone went through a hairstyle change, who do you think had the best result from the changes?” he answered “Don’t you think it’s me, I shaved my head and fans had good reactions []

Big Bang members receive loving help on ‘Running Man’ [NEWS]

Big Bang – Running Man Pt. 2 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL (Attention: This article may include spoilers) The recent episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ featured the second part of the Big Bang. Big Bang were the chasers this time and searched the building top to bottom to find the ‘Running Man‘ members before the cast completed their mission. What was particularly funny during their search was the aid they got from the female workers in the building. The workers were all []

G-Dragon Collaborates with Ludacris [NEWS]

A spokesperson stated, “G-Dragon’s collaboration with Ludacris was finished at the end of last year. This work will most likely be in G-Dragon’s new solo album that is planned to come out this summer and Ludacris will participate in the album by featuring in one of GD’s songs. We hope many look forward to the results, as G-Dragon has worked with world-wide musicians“. Ludacris showed his interest in Big Bang when he came to Korea in September last year and accordingly had []

Running Man Part 2: G-Dragon’s perfect revenge for HaHa’s Insult (120311) [NEWS]

(Warning: this article May Contain Spoilers) Idol group Big Bang member G-Dragon took the most perfect revenge against ‘Running Man’ member HaHa who has insulted him. On the March 11th installment of SBS‘s ‘Running Man’, G-Dragon showed total motivation to capture HaHa in the latter half. On the show, G-Dragon would not catch HaHa even when he was right in front of him saying “HaHa hyung where are you?” paying HaHa back exactly the way it was done to him last week. []

Yang Hyun Suk explains ‘Why YG Artists avoid TV Appearances’! [NEWS]

YG Entertainment was in the spotlight for being selective against certain TV shows or channels. It was revealed that YG artists were focusing on appearances on SBS channel only. Regarding the criticism YG Entertainment has received, Yang Hyun Suk stated, “If stars schedule appearances as much as they are requested, they might be scheduled for way too many appearances. Not only do the stars get exhausted but their back dancers, stylist, manager and all the staff become exhausted. And it’s not like []