Day: 13/03/2012

Big bang, 1 · 2 · 3, soribada weekly chart above all occupation

Big Bang ‘BLUE’ followed by ‘Love Dust’ was rankedas one. Big Bang This will keep for three consecutive weeks of normal blast is continuing popularity. Soribada online music service representativecompanies (NYSE yangjeonghwan, of the Big Bang, “Love Dust” on March 1st week (March 4-March 10) announced thattopped the weekly chart. Decreasing by a staircase 2 ranked ‘BLUE’ and fouron the right staircase rises 3 ‘FANTASTIC BABY’ Big Bang’s songs to chart 1, 2, and swept the top three. No. 4 to []

Monday Night TV (12 Mar 2012)

Good episode.  I like knowing that Sally went crazy.  I mean that explains a lot, the fact that only she can see the Reaper and no one else can.  I love this show but I still believe that it moved by too fast. In any case I liked the flashbacks to the back when Aiden first met Henry.  Henry was such a different guy.  The special effects in this show are also very well done.  Overall though I love Zoe and the []

Monday Night TV (12 Mar 2012)

Wicked good episode.  I liked how we were presented with an inmate who was innocent and then who was turned into a killer, and not by abuse of the inmates himself, by the system, by scientific testing which helps us, the audience, get a sort of understanding of what went on there.  Very creative and ingenious, loved it.  The acting is great and the chemistry between the actors is also believable.  I like this show a lot, I love the story telling, []

World War Z

Great book, although I don’t think that it’s a book I would read again.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading it but it was just a compilation of interviews, and some of them felt so real which just added to this book being so realistic and such.  But they were just so powerful and they felt so real.  The structure of the book was also something I have never read before, or deal with before.  I mean it was just a []

Big bang, CF scene attracts the public … ‘ shuffle dance ‘ for the photos

[Sports world] Big Bang’s CF scene photos were released. Big Bang’s shuffle dance filmed scene, including what would be exposed to a wide variety of pictures. CF in big bang’s stylish shuffle dance and members of sikeuhan expression acting is unique with sunny’s song. Also, in addition to the usual big bang this line boyeowassdeon intense fashion gaudy pattern applied in advertising, Kitchener’s sunny bright one unveils the looks like. CF is filmed in big bang is unique to Incheon International Airport []

Big bang, 28, ri new album "domestic activities and provide opportunities for students to be"

[MI-Hyun Hwang OSEN = reporter] group big bang new album this coming 28, Japan, domestic activities and provide opportunities for students to make a comeback as planned. Last month Japan representative music site oricon is “big bang this March 28, g-Dragon made a comeback album, blitz,” he said. This is YG’s official 13-OSEN’s call “big bang in Japan this coming 28, and with a new album, came to Korea in parallel with the activities of the comeback,” he said. “The big bang []

YG Opens 2nd Global Event for Big Bang’s "Fantastic Baby" [NEWS]

After previously opening a cover contest for Big Bang’s tracks “Blue” and “Bad Boy” off its new mini album “ALIVE”, YG Entertainment has surprised fans with another cover contest. This time, fans get the chance to strut their moves for the dance cover contest for the track “Fantastic Baby”. From now until March 26, 11:59 pm (KST), fans from all over the world can upload and submit a YouTube video of a dance cover of “Fantastic Baby”. The recipient of the grand []

Big Bang Will Carry out Promotional Activities in Japan and Korea Concurrently[NEWS]

On the morning of March 13th,a staff member of YGE made a phone call with OSEN news. They stated “When Big Bang makes their comeback in Japan on the 28th, they will promote in Japan and Korea  at the same time. Big Bang will start their Japanese promotions in the following week, but they will also continue to carry out their promotional activities in Japan, Korea and several other countries at the same time.” Big Bang will be releasing a Japanese album []

Dal Shabet’s Subin Expresses her Feelings for Big Bang’s G-Dragon [NEWS]

During a recent recording for KBS JOY’s “The Chair Korea Season 2,” Dal Shabet’s Subin expressed her feelings for Big Bang’s G-Dragon. During a past episode of “Strong Heart,” Subin talked about appearing in Taeyang’s music video for “I Need a Girl.” In the music video, she was seen leaning on G-Dragon, causing quite the stir among netizens who were curious about their relationship. During the OX Talk segment of “The Chair Korea Season 2,” MC Shin Dong Yup asked, “If G-Dragon []