Day: 15/03/2012

Wednesday Night TV (14 Mar 2012)

Teenagers, what are you going to do with them, but them.  It’s hilarious, this show is hilarious but I really loved the heart warming moment with George and Helen (Tessa’s grandmother) and I love the warm scenes in this episode.  Already this is showing progression from point a to point b which makes me really proud.  Props to the writers, I love them so much for the narration they write as well as the plot line and how they are giving it []

Billboard introduces Big Bang as ”The Leader of the new Korean Wave” [NEWS]

Recently, five men idol group Big Bang is attracting worldwide attention. Big Bang is attracting public gaze because they ranked the top of iTunes Chart in various countries including Britain, France, and Brazil. Not only that, many news regarding Big Bang were broadcast on America’s popular music shows and award ceremonies. On March 13, Big Bang has been introduced to world-famous music chart, Billboard. Billboard introduced Big Bang with the title, “Big Bang is Unstoppable.” Billboard also mentioned, “Big Bang’s fifth mini []

Big Show 2012 Project Update [PROJECT/PHOTOS]

Hi everyone! Just want to give an update on the BIG SHOW 2012 SUPPORT PROJECT. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to raise $2760 for the project. $1328 was spent on the rice and $850 was spent on the celebratory cake & the food support (BIGBANG’s dinner before the March 2 concert & snacks for staff). We still have $582 left so if you have suggestions or ideas for new projects we can do or charities you want to donate []

Yang Hyun Suk declines ‘Strong Heart’ appearance.. “I am not a celebrity” (120315) [NEWS]

‘Catch Yang Hyun Suk!’ According to many broadcasting agencies, YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, has been receiving many heated love-calls from production crews of many shows, asking for guest appearances. On the coming episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ on the 27th, many guests such as Big Bang, 2ne1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, and Gummy (adding up to a total of 13 people), will reveal that Yang Hyun Suk had also been persistently asked to make an appearance as a guest on this []

YG to establish branch offices in US and Hong Kong [NEWS]

The company responsible for hot sensations, Big Bang and 2NE1, YG Entertainment is starting on their world-wide advancement. On the 15th, it was revealed that YG is closer to launching their branch offices, and would be establishing “YG USA” a branch office for their artists’ US advancement, while “YG Hong Kong” would be for their Asian market advancement. YG has been preparing for world-wide advancement since spring of last year, a YG official reported, and this spring, they are hard at work []

Big Bang expected to record giant sales numbers from overseas activities [NEWS]

Big Bang will be raking in the big bucks by earning over 20 billion won with its Japan tour. Big Bang came back with its new mini album Alive on February 29 and its exclusive concert, which took place from March 2-4. The group will be following up the Seoul concert with a five city tour in Japan in May and June, and will also be releasing an album in Japan on March 28. As such, Big Bang is expected to score []

Big Bang & Laurieann Gibson featured on MTV Style [NEWS]

Big Bang Pairs Up With Lady Gaga’s Creative Director Laurieann Gibson BREAKING: K-Pop is officially taking over the world. One of our fave fashion-y Korean boy bands Big Bang (you know, those awesome dudes who wore Minx nails) announced that they’re collaborating with creative director/choreographer Laurieann Gibson for their upcoming tour. Laurieann is known for her fresh approach to performance art, and you’re probably already very familiar with her work, like Lady Gaga’s choreography in “Telephone,” “Alejandro,” and “Born This Way,” just []

Big Bang at M! Countdown Backstage [PHOTOS]

M! Countdown: Backstage VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL “20120315오늘 엠카운트다운 컴백 스페셜의 주인공 빅뱅!! 지..진짜다!!진짜가 나타났다!!!폭풍간지휘몰아치는 빅뱅의 사진 공개!!사진보다 멋진 무대는 오늘 저녁 6시 생방송 Mcoundown에서 만나보세요” Translation: “Today M!Countdown’s hero of comeback special, Big Bang!! It’s.. Real!! They were really appeared!!! The picture of Big Bang shared!! Let’s watch today’s Mcountdown broadcast at 6PM that will have stage that is more awesome than this picture” [Note: BIGBANG’s comeback on MCountdown will be on broadcast later at 6PM. Their performances were pre-recorded []

G-Dragon knows how to please his fans [NEWS]

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently presented fans with candies in a brilliant way. On March 14, the Big Bang leader posted a picture with the comment, “Happy White Day.” In the picture, GD strikes a playful pose while covering the most part of his face with big candies. His adorable look with candies must have made his fans drool. Netizens responded: “You’re such a cutie.” “I’m taking away you photos.” “I wish I got candies from GD. Send me one by courier.” “I []