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Yang Hyun Suk declines ‘Strong Heart’ appearance.. “I am not a celebrity” (120315) [NEWS]

YG‘Catch Yang Hyun Suk!’ According to many broadcasting agencies, YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, has been receiving many heated love-calls from production crews of many shows, asking for guest appearances.

On the coming episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ on the 27th, many guests such as Big Bang, 2ne1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, and Gummy (adding up to a total of 13 people), will reveal that Yang Hyun Suk had also been persistently asked to make an appearance as a guest on this show’s episode as well.

Not only has he been asked to appear on ‘Strong Heart’, but he has also been asked by many other show program staff to make a guest star appearance on their show. His popularity is no less than the popularity of the artists belonging in his company.

His past roots all the way back from Seo Taiji and Boys. In other words, he is one of the few most popular celebrities who tries to keep his private life as secretive and under-cover as possible. Only recently was it that he began familiarizing himself to the mass public again when he decided to appear as one of the judges for an SBS survival audition program ‘KPOP STAR’. This was the first time in approximately 16 years that he had begun to appear on public broadcast, making it a rare opportunity since he tends to be of scarcity within the media.

But unlike what many viewers were expecting, Yang Hyun Suk has shown the public his cute and precocious sides, giving many laughters to all. Not only is he warm and congenial, but he also makes the viewers nod in agreement with his keen constructive criticism during his time as a judge (on the show program).

His tool of growing friendliness and closeness with those around him is smiling. This part of him has given a stronger, better impression and has also given people more faith and respect towards him. Some people have even said that the greatest beneficiary of ’KPOP STAR’ is not the contestants, but Yang Hyun Suk himself. This has also strengthened the positive impression the public has on him.

However, on the 15th of March, Yang Hyun Suk announced to E-Daily STARin that he will not be participating in any shows or variety programs other than ‘KPOP STAR’. The reason being that he has committed to devoting himself through the path of being a producer, instead of the path of being a celebrity.

He stated that, “the only reason why I have participated in ‘KPOP STAR’ is because it is related to my job as a producer. Once I start appearing and participating in other shows, I am a celebrity” and that, “My kids(artists) must outshine me more than I outshine them. I cannot be the one to outshine them.”

In addition to speaking about his artists, he went on to say that “they are all lovable and beautiful like my own children” and that “I find it fun and entertaining to have to think of a way raise them and wondering how I am going to make a team or group out of them.”

And because of these reasons, every now and then, they reluctantly appear on shows, giving the public the wrong impression that YG is a group of stubborn artists.

Lastly, he stated “If I really didn’t want to hear people talking badly about me or saying negative things about me, I would have already let all my artists go after their contracts have ended. That would make everything easier. However, that is not the case here. What I do now is YG’s style and way of handling things and I don’t think that will ever change even in the next ten years. I would really be thankful if people thought of it as my love for my own kids.”

Source: Nate

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